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You've Always Dreamed of
Writing Your Business Book,

You Don't Have the:

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  • Passion

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Meet Katherine

Big Impact Ghostwriter &

Write Your Book Made Simple Coach

I help purpose-driven experts make a bigger difference by getting their big ideas into books and out into the world to multiply their impact and their profit. As a Big Impact Ghostwriter, I am passionate about helping experts (like you!) get your message out to improve lives, influence others, and even change the world.


My unique alchemy combines the fields of literary writing, human psychology, and business marketing to bring out your authentic character and the authentic character of your business to create strong connections with your prospects, clients, network, and communities.

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The scariest moment is always
just before you start. After that,
things can only get better.

Stephen King

"I highly recommend Katherine's style... Her writing demonstrates her knack for keen observation, her ability to find the right words, and her talant for adding panache."

- Susan Moore,
Moore Partners Ltd.

"Katherine has an incredible ability to listen to someone's story, to really feel the heart of it and to write about it in a way that reflects all the elements and emotions of their journey."

- Thomasina Larkin,
The Health Hut

"Katherine's charming style captured the quality of [our business] in a friendly, imaginative way."

- Carolyn Butts,
Bon Eco Design


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